State Ballet, St. Joseph Symphony To Perform on Campus This Thursday

The State Ballet of Missouri and the St. Joseph Symphony will perform March 13, at 7:30 p.m. in Baldwin Auditorium. This Lyceum Series event will mark the first time the Ballet performs with a full, live orchestra at Truman. Financial assistance for the performance has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

Restructured in 1980 under the artistic direction of Todd Bolender, internationally known dancer and choreographer, the State Ballet has assembled a corps of dancers of exceptional talent and virtuosity. The performance will include the Scotch Symphony, The Scarlatti Dances, and Rodeo.

A George Balanchine classic ballet, the Scotch Symphony brings together the music, atmosphere and brilliance of the Highland landscape. The dance is intended as an evocation of the setting and character of Scotland.

The State Ballet's Artistic Director William Whitener conceived the six- movement performance of The Scarlatti Dances as an elegant pastiche on the subject of manners and formal greetings. The dances are set to the music by Dominico Scarlatti and the last five dances are the from the 1916 ballet The Good Humored Ladies.

Originally subtitled "The Courting at Burnt Ranch," Rodeo was first produced at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1942. The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo commis- sioned choreographer Agnes de Mille and composer Aaron Copland to collaborate on the creation of a western ballet. Miss de Mille once described Rodeo as: "Throughout the American Southwest, the Saturday afternoon rodeo gets its tradition. On the remote ranches, as well as in the trading towns, the "hands" get together to show off their skill in roping, riding, branding and throwing.... The theme of the ballet is basic. It deals with the problem that has confronted all American women, from the earliest pioneer times, and which has never ceased to occupy them throughout the building of our country: how to get a suitable man."

Free tickets for the State Ballet of Missouri with the St. Joseph Symphony for students, faculty and staff are available in the Student Activities Board office, lower level Student Union.

1997 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Friday, March 14 Student Union

For a complete symposium schedule and a list of abstracts, presenters and faculty mentors, see the special insert in this week's Truman Today.

Service Recognition Banquet Set For March 26

Faculty and staff celebrating their five- , 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- and 30-year anniversaries with the University, as well as those who are retiring this year, will be honored at the annual Service Recognition Banquet, March 26. Also being honored for the first time at the banquet are part-time faculty and staff with 10 or more consecutive years of service. The banquet will be at 6:30 p.m. in the SUB Georgian Room.

Tickets for the banquet are $8. For reservations and tickets, call the Human Resources Office at 785-4031 by March 22. Below is a list of faculty and staff who will be recognized.

Retirees: J. Joyce Hearn, Family Sciences/ Alumni/Greek Life/ Human Resources, 27 years of service; Lois Rogers, Physical Plant, 20 years of service; Donald L. Smith, Physical Plant, 29 years of service. 30 Years of Service: John Bartling, Math & Computer Science; Eleanor Ellebracht, Library; Marianna Giovannini, Academic Planning Services; Nancy Hulen, Library; Joan Hunter, Language & Literature.

25 Years of Service: Larry Boggs, Physical Plant; Clifton E. Brown, Instructional Technology Center; Kenneth Fountain, Science; Opal Hoerrmann, Registrar's Office; James Lyons, Social Science; Robert J. Martin, Education. 20 Years of Service: Russell Baughman, Science; Robert Hoerrmann, Physical Plant; Bryce Jones II, Business & Accountancy; Joyce McVay, Business Office; Sharon McGahan, Nursing; Jack Mitchell, Social Science; Luann Regagnon, Science; Anna Tomich, Library.

15 Years of Service: Robert Ashmore, Physical Plant; Kathryn Crisp, Business Office; John Cochrane, Athletics; Debra Kerby, Business & Accountancy; Betty L. McLane-Iles, Language & Literature; Sandra Schneider, Social Science; T. W. Sorrell, Industrial Science/Services for Individuals with Disabilities/ Science; Patricia Teter, Library; Jim Turner, Business & Accountancy; Nancy Weber, Registrar's Office; Glenn Wehner, Science.

10 Years of Service: Nancy Asher, Assessment & Testing; Robert Cacioppo, Math & Computer Science; Kenneth Carter, Science; Paula Cochran, Communication Disorders; Michael Corrick, Physical Plant; Melanee Crist, International Student Office; Rebecca Daugherty, Computer Services; Wilma Dodsworth, Library; David Gruber, Social Science; Kenneth Hahn, Science; Rebecca R. Harrison, Language & Literature; Ruby Hollenbeck, Physical Plant; Barbara Holthaus, Public Relations; Alfreda James, Physical Plant; Gregory Jones, Fine Arts; Shannon Jumper, Language & Literature; Michael Kelrick, Science; Julie Krutsinger, Business Office; Patrick Lecaque, Language & Literature/Center for International Education Abroad; Miles Lovelace, Vice President's Office/ Education; Nancy Lovelace, Language & Literature; Charles (Doug) Marshall, Physical Plant; David McCurdy, Science; John Neitzke, Math & Computer Science; Vaughan Pultz, Science; John Ramsbottom, Social Science; Lynne Roberts, Business & Accountancy; Tammy Roberts, Computer Services; Judith Sapko, Library; George Shinn, Science; Randall Smith, Fine Arts; Chein-Hsing (Jane) Sung, Social Science; Dean Van Galen, Advancement/ Science; Greg Walter, University Center for Printing & Publications; Shingmin Wang, Math & Computer Science; Cole Woodcox, Language & Literature.

5 Years of Service: Martha Bartter, Language & Literature; Chris Buhmeyer, University Center for Printing & Publications; Steven Carroll, Science; Timothy Cason, Physical Plant; Jacqueline Collett, Fine Arts; David Conner, Social Science; Ralph P. Cupelli, Vice President's Office; Adam Brooke Davis, Language & Literature; Paul Detweiler, Physical Plant; Roy Domenico, Social Science; Donna Fisher, Education; Robert Fisher, Physical Plant; Richard Griffith Freeman, Science; Theresa Jones, Physical Plant; Susan Hamilton, Library; Taj Hargey, Social Science; Peter Kendall, Athletics; Jennifer Korte, Admissions /President's Office; Kathryn Kuhlman, Language & Literature; Ian Lindevald, Science; Patrick Lobert, Language & Literature; Christopher Maglio, Social Science; Joan Mather, Fine Arts; Judi Misale, Social Science; Barbara Newcomer, Business Office; Benjamin Ogden, Language & Literature; Peggy Orchard, Graduate Office; Sherri Palmer, Social Science; Terry Palmer, Social Science; Melissa Passe, Communication Disorders; David Ream, University Counseling Services; Marilyn Romine, Business & Accountancy; Nancy Sanders, Science; Rose Marie Smith, Computer Services; Connie Thomas, Physical Plant; Ann Weidner, University Counseling Services.

Part-Time Faculty and Staff Recognition for 10 or More Years of Service: Mark Appold, Language & Literature; Faith Beane, Language & Literature; Barbara Bevell, Computer Services; Susan Guffey, Science; Alberta Harper, Business Office; Edward T. Hilgeford, Justice Systems; Caroline A. Julyan, Language & Literature; Ann McEndarfer, Language & Literature; Shyn Chyn (Julie) Minn, Language & Literature; Deena Mitchell, Language & Literature; Mary Macmanus Ramsbottom, Social Science; Thomas Reed, Fine Arts; Ruth Schutte, Library; Steven Seward, Fine Arts.

Kirksville Community to Have Rare Opportunity to View AIDS Quilt

Students and surrounding community members will have the opportunity to view a symbol of expression, as well as increase their AIDS education and awareness when a section of the AIDS Memorial Quilt travels to Kirksville on March 20-23.

The quilt is the largest on-going community arts project in the world. It is based upon the American tradition of quilting when neighbors and relatives would join together to make blankets. It is a patchwork of lives made up of 3 feet by 6 feet panels -- the size of a human grave. Each section of a panel represents a person lost to AIDS.

More than 400 panels will come to Kirksville and will be located in the Rieger Armory. Quilt display coordinator Les Luis will accompany the quilt.

Co-chair of AIDS Awareness in Adair County Bobbi Hopkins, senior, was inspired to bring the AIDS Memorial Quilt to Kirksville after seeing it at the National Convention for Campus Activities. Senior Mindi Gjertsen, who recently made a panel for a friend, is working on the project with Hopkins. Hopkins believes the quilt is important because it increases education and awareness about AIDS and its effect on others.

"Regardless of what some people think, there are a lot of people in the Kirksville community who have been touched by AIDS and who need the healing process," Hopkins said.

Anyone can make a panel to present to the NAMES Project Foundation. Panels should be on a 3 foot by 6 foot piece of material. They should not be decorated with anything that will break when it is folded or contain hard materials.

The AAAC is seeking addition funding for the project and individuals to help staff the exhibit. Donations can be dropped off at the AAAC mailbox in the CAOC or the Student Health Center; volunteer registration forms are in the CAOC and Student Health Center.

The Student Activities Board and Lifestyle Advocacy program are the organizations bringing the quilt to Kirksville. PRISM and the Funds Allotment Council also donated money.

Student Diagnosed With Meningitis

On Feb. 28, the University Hospital and Clinics notified the Truman State University Student Health Center that Jeffrey Damerall, a freshman at the University living in Missouri Hall and a member of Phi Lambda Chi fraternity, had a confirmed case of meningococcal disease (meningitis).

Meningococcal disease an inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord and its accompanying bloodstream infections are rare but potentially dangerous. The risk for contracting this disease is low. Only persons who have had direct contact with oral secretions of an infected person (i.e. shared saliva through shared cigarettes; shared food, drink, or food utensils; toothbrushes; intimate contact, etc.) are considered at risk. Casual contact as might occur in a regular classroom or office setting is not usually significant enough to cause concern.

University personnel have notified those believed to have been in close contact with Damerall. However, if any of the following symptoms are detected, an individual should consult their physician immediately. Some common early symptoms of meningococcal disease include fever, severe headache, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, rash and lethargy. Those who think they may be at risk should contact the Student Health Center at 785-4182.

At press time, Damerall remained in medical intensive care at the University Hospital and Clinics.

Scholarship Deadline Nears

Applications for the 1997-98 Endowed Scholar-ship Program must be turned in to the Financial Aid Office, McClain Hall 103, by 5 p.m., March 14. The Truman State University Foundation is pleased to offer more than $142,000 in scholarships that are made possible through the generous, private gifts of alumni and friends of Truman State University. Students may apply for multiple scholarships; however, a separate application form must accompany each application. A list of endowed scholarships as well as applications are available in the Financial Aid Office, and the Alumni/ Development Office, McClain Hall 100. For more information contact Bob Behnen of the Alumni/Development Office at 785-4133.

New Scholarship Announced

The first Julie Ann Weggesser Memorial Scholarship will be awarded for the 1997-98 academic year and will be presented based on the following criteria: outstanding accounting major entering her/his senior year, financial need, (preference given to student with) display of leadership abilities or involvement in extracurricular activities.

The deadline for the Julie Ann Weggesser Memorial Scholarship has been extended to March 28. A story on the establishment of this scholarship will be featured in the March 17 Truman Today.


The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, sponsored by the Accounting Club, will be March 15 and 22 and April 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Barnett Hall 202C. Participants should bring their W-2s and 1099s and a copy of last year's tax return.

Applications for Funds Allotment Council funding for the fall semester are due March 12. For information, stop by the FAC office, SUB, or call 785-7674.

Omicron Delta Kappa applications are available outside of the CAOC and at the Student Affairs Office March 10-24. An informational meeting will be at 6 p.m. March 11 in the hall of Kirk Building, and applications are due to the Student Affairs Office by March 24. ODK is a national leadership honor society open to both students and faculty. Students should have more than 60 credit hours and represent one or more of the following areas: fine arts, scholastic achievement, athletics, campus involvement or the mass media.

The Women's Resource Center is accepting applications for executive staff positions for the 1997-98 academic year. Applications, due March 14, are available at the Center.

Fresh-cut daffodils will be sold in the SUB on March 14 and 17 and at Hy-Vee and Wal-Mart March 14-15. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society, most of which will assist the Kirksville community.

During Health Awareness Week, March 17-21, various free screenings will be provided in the Student Union. Screenings include: HIV; blood glucose; height, weight and skinfold; hearing and vision; and blood pressure. The screenings are sponsored by the Nursing Students Association and Pre-Physicians Organization.

The Spring 1997 Art Faculty Research Symposium will be at 6 p.m. March 18 in Baldwin Hall 351. Faculty presenters include: Suanna Breed, Cora Lynn Deibler, Jim Jereb, Sara Orel and Jim Pauls.

Paul Fees, senior curator of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyo., will lecture about "True West, Nationhood and Buffalo Bill" at 5 p.m. March 19 in the SUB Governors' Room. Fees will discuss ways in which the American West served as a focus for American unity after the Civil War and during the period of heavy immigration before 1920.

The Women's Resource Center will host a poetry night, March 19, and a music night, March 20, from 7:30-10 p.m. in the SUB Down Under. Women are needed to perform either night. For more information, contact Cheryl at 627-5826.

The application deadline for the $1,500 Missouri Student Grant has been moved up for 1997-98. Applications for Federal Student Aid for 1997-98 must be received at the processing center by April 1 to be considered. All students are encouraged to apply.

Student Recreation Center student applications are available for fall 1997: front desk clerks, weight room instructors, aerobics instructors and building supervisors. Applications are at the Dean of Student Affairs Office, Kirk Building 112, or the Intramurals Office, Pershing Building 309.

Applications are available for hired tutoring positions at the Multicultural Affairs Center. For further information, call the Center at 785-4142.

A tutor is needed for an individual with disabilities anytime Tuesdays or Thursdays between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. or weekends for approximately 2 hours per week. Tutoring must be done in the home. Interested individuals should contact Karen Leffler at the Kirksville Regional Center at 785-2500.

The Child Development Center is accepting applications for summer workstudy employees. A few institutional pay positions are open for May and August interims, including Freshman Week. Applications are also being accepted for 1997-98. Contact Julie Seeley at 785-4479.

Students wishing to pursue graduate accounting study can receive financial aid through the John L. Carey Scholarship Program. Scholarships are available to all liberal arts undergraduates wishing to pursue a CPA certificate. Awards are given based on academic achievement, leadership and future career interests and are contingent upon acceptance in a graduate program. Recipients will be eligible for renewal for one more year, provided satisfactory scholastic progress is maintained. Applications are due April 1. For more information and application forms, call (212) 596-6221.

AICPA has announced the 1997-98 Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students. This program supports minority accounting students at the undergraduate level and in several specific graduate programs. Applications are due July 1 and can be obtained by contacting Debra Kerby, accounting convener for the Business and Accountancy Division, Brewer Hall 12.

A $500 scholarship is available for a second-semester junior Missouri resident majoring in education. The Missouri Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators is awarding it based on both need and GPA. The deadline to apply is March 28. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office, McClain Hall 103.

The March 15 University League meeting will feature guest speaker Marlow Ediger, professor emeritus of education. Ediger will present a tour of the Holy Lands at 10 a.m. in the SUB Spanish Room. Brunch will be served for $3.85. For reservations, call Amy Huston, 627-9624.

Fall '97: NEW Elementary Russian video- based course. Check it out before fall registration begins: March 24, 7 p.m., Ophelia Parrish 116. For more information, call Faith Beane at 785- 4006.

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